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Ananda Classic Low Light Terrarium

Ananda Classic Low Light Terrarium


Ananda is a terrarium made in a classic closed environment. A woodland scene with bark, moss, nuts, twigs and vines evoke a serene natural setting. She features striated and muted colored sand layers to create even more visual interest. Ananda features beautiful water loving plants including a Calathea and maiden hair fern. A spunky bi-color pilea serves to punch up the mock forest floor.


She measures about 13 inches tall and 11 inches wide. Have a cat? Ananda is difficult to open and eat! Easy to care for with weekly watering of 1 cup of water. Low light setting is ideal.


We strive to be sustainable and exclusively use recycled containers.


10% of all 2023 all sales are donated!  


Each terrarium comes with a care guide and specific instructions on placement and watering needs.

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