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Antoinette Lower Light Classic Terrarium

Antoinette Lower Light Classic Terrarium


Created in a classically shaped terrarium that resemble a forest scene, Antoinette was built out of found objects from our lovely local Connecticut woodland, and complemented with decorative moss. 


A vining vareigated and non vareigated fig vine is easy to care for as long as it remains moist - so weekly waterings are all that is needed.  Antoinette measures about 10.5 inches tall by 7 inches wide. She will easily thrive in lower light situations, like on a desk or shelf.


Specific care instructions designed to ensure successful survival are included. We can also provide specific instructions on placement and watering needs.


10% of all 2022 sales are donated to Make-A-Wish CT to help grant wishes that provide strength, hope and transformation for children with critical illnesses.

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