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Brienne Low Light Terrarium

Brienne Low Light Terrarium


Created in a classically shaped jar - this terrarium was built out of found objects from our lovely local Connecticut woodland, and complemented with decorative moss. A beautiful pilea with dark burgundy, waxy leaves is the show stopper in this creation. She is highlighted with a soft silver center that makes her understated and exciting st the same time! She also contains lovely moisture loving tradescandia. These plants are easy to care for as long as it remains moist - so one weekly watering is needed. Brienne measures about 10.5 inches tall by 7 inches wide. She will easily thrive in lower light situations, like on a desk or shelf.


Specific care instructions designed to ensure successful survival are included. We can also provide specific instructions on placement and watering needs.


10% of all 2022 sales are donated to Make-A-Wish CT to help grant wishes that provide strength, hope and transformation for children with critical illnesses.

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