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Christina Low Light Woodland Amethyst Terrarium

Christina Low Light Woodland Amethyst Terrarium


Created to mimic a natural forest scene, Carrie was built out of found objects from our lovely local Connecticut woodland, including wood, bark, moss and twigs. She boasts a gorgeous amethyst geode that sparkles!


Carrie features a rustic theme with three shade loving plants. A pink flecked polka dot plant, a white veined Fittonia and a dazzling tradescantia complete the woodland terrarium.


.Without a bright spot, Carrie will still be visually appealing with her dynamic colored foliage, textured elements and beautiful crystal. She is a smaller terrarium, measuring about 8 inches tall, 7 inches across.


Specific care instructions designed to ensure Carrie’s successful survival are included. We can also provide specific instructions on placement and watering needs.


10% of all 2023 sales are donated to local charity.

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