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Inez Antique Terrarium

Inez Antique Terrarium


An easy to care for terrarium with incredible curves, Inez is vintage style at its best. Autumn hues of gold, bronze and copper make Inez a work of art.

Inez features a woodland setting and lovely, understated found elements that combine to set off a magically veined syngonium plant - which is easy care and beautiful! Low light and a weekly water is all she needs to thrive.

Terrariums are magical - each plant thrives with the extra humidity provided by the semi-closed terrarium environment.

Specific care instructions designed to ensure successful survival are included. We can also provide specific instructions on placement and watering needs. All of our containers are upcycled and plants are sustainably / locally sourced.


10% of all 2022 sales are donated to Make-A-Wish CT to help grant wishes that provide strength, hope and transformation for children with critical illnesses. She is tall - measuring about 10 inches tall by 5 inches wide.

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