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Geometric Cube Terrariums

Geometric Cube Terrariums


Two modern sun-loving terrariums sold as a set or separately - they make a cool, modern statement. Featuring playful sand layers and plump succulents - these two geometric terrariums are a perfect gift -and may fit on a window sill, ledge or desk - where they can soak up the sun rays.

Also ideal for a kitchen island! These two dynamos will thrive with minimal weekly watering and a sunny spot. The two containers also have a small loop at their apex for hanging.


All creations are made with recycled / upcycled vessels, locally sourced plants and found natural elements. No plants are shipped, packaging is re-used. Local delivery only.


Specific care instructions designed to ensure successful survival are included. We can also provide specific instructions on placement and watering needs.


10% of all 2022 sales are donated to Make-A-Wish CT to help grant wishes that provide strength, hope and transformation for children with critical illnesses.

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