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Shelby Easy Care Coastal Terrarium

Shelby Easy Care Coastal Terrarium


Shelby boasts shells, coral, driftwood, sand and seaglass from our Connecticut shoreline. These found objects are collected to form a memory glass, and serve as a perfect coastal background for our scenic area. 


Shelby contains plants that can live with lower light.  Her plants benefit one another, and provide the humidity she needs to thrive. Vareigated peperomia, draceana and a hint of ivy are interwoven into the work.


Easy to care for, we provide personalized help to learn to easily care for these creations.


We strive to be sustainable and exclusively use recycled containers.


We accept orders via phone, dm, email or text, please contact us directly (203) 892-7000.


10% of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to the Center for Family Justice to build a new women's shelter for Fairfield County Women in Crisis.

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