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Lovey Beach Vibe Lower Light Terrarium

Lovey Beach Vibe Lower Light Terrarium


A heart AND a beach scene? This perfect match is ideal for a Valentine’s Day gift. Made with resin to mimic clear blue water, this beach vibe will transport the viewer to a tropical paradise.


This living creation contains plants that live in harmony and benefit one another. Two different pilea are interwoven into the work, along with sand, moss and stones.


Easy to care for, provide indirect light and one weekly watering of only 1/4 cup.


Please note- this is not a large Terrarium. If you look at the pictures you will see one where my hand is right next to it. It only measures about 5 inches.


We strive to be sustainable and exclusively use recycled containers.


10% of all 2022 sales are donated to local charity.


Each terrarium comes with a care guide and specific instructions on placement and watering needs. This is a very low maintenance Terrarium.


We accept orders via phone, dm, email or text, please contact us directly (203) 892-7000.

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