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It is important to monitor your terrarium when you first place it.  When you learn what your healthy plants look like, you will notice if they become unhappy. Every site differs, some are sunny, some dry, some are too shady, etc. Of course every plant differs - finding a placement for your new terrarium is easier than you think. For help or troubleshooting please contact us directly!

Generally low maintenance, these mini ecosystems require less attention than most houseplants.  We select specific types of plants that ç help ensure success.

Woodland Terrariums

  • Moderation is key - avoid direct sunlight or dry conditions, like near a heat source. 

  • Woodland terrariums should not completely dry out, weekly watering is necessary. 

  • Do not over water - start by giving your terrarium no more than 1⁄2 a cup of water per week. 

  • Pour water into center, avoid leaves.

  • Temperatures should not go below 60


Succulent Garden Care

  • The more direct sun, the better!

  • Try not to wet their leaves.

  • Succulents love to dry out.

Season Adjustment

In winter - water infrequently - start with 1/4 cup every 10 days to two weeks. In Spring and Summer - the 'growth season' - increase to weekly waterings - ½ cup.

Q & A

Q. Why do my succulents look wrinkled and droopy?

A. Increase water amount slightly (if you were using ½ cup of water, move to ¾ cup).


Q. My stems or leaves are turning brown, get mushy, or start falling off!

A. Decrease water - allow to dry out, space out waterings.

Q. My woodland plants look crunchy or brown at the edges, what is happening?

A. Ensure no direct sun or heater nearby. Gently pinch off dead leaves and increase water amount slightly


Q. Why are my leaves yellowing? 

A. Yellow generally indicates too much water - water less frequently and if yellowing continues, decrease water

Q. Do I need to do anything in Summer? 

A. Yes, your summer adjustments are necessary. If your succulents receive a lot of sun, increase watering amount slightly. Do not place terrariums outside.

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