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Elona Logue is a Fairfield mom of three teens who finds herself obsessed with plants. Elona began outdoor gardening 15 years ago (in earnest) and began collecting rare varieties of plants. What began with a need to have every rex begonia in sight, morphed into an eclectic trough collection of outdoor succulents and now, a diverse group of many gorgeous calatheas. Making terrariums for herself and friends is now a creative plant company.


Passion Flower Plants was formed as a true passion project, helping to bring the beauty and healthfulness of the garden indoors, to be enjoyed throughout the seasons.


Passion Flower Plants donates over 10% of profits to local charity.

Recycling and sustainability is a priority, as Passion Flower Plants wants to preserve the earth and its beautiful plants! ALL arrangements are made with recycled /upcycled containers. We do not ship in order to cut down on packaging and fuel waste. 

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